We accepts submissions all the live long day and we promise to carefully peruse your masterful polemics at the end of our zero-hour contract shifts if we can be arsed. Might even daub a few editors notes on the back of a greasy chipbag wrapper because this is basically the New Yorker baby.

All submissions to

Short Fiction: Hopeful Hemingways can submit up to 2 stories at a time consisting of up to 3000 words. No specific typesetting requirements, just don’t use wingdings because it sends our intern Barry into a two hour spiral of 9/11 conspiracy videos and we had to waterboard him last time to snap him out of it

Essays/Polemics/Salvos/Manifestos: If you fancy yourself a Northside Joan Didion then sure lash us no more than one of these of 2,500 words or less. Acceptable topics include: radical politics, culture, economics, religion and ‘The 1 MOST attractive literary editors of ALL TIME. NUMBER 1 WILL AROUSE YOU!’

Poems: Send up to three. I’ll level with you, I’m not much of a poetry man so I’m not sure how to quantify these things. Send us up to three…ideally no longer than what you could stuff in a songbird’s belly

Visual art/auditory pieces: Send us up to three pieces for consideration at a time

Remuneration: Listen I’m an old hand at this process. I always scroll down to this section first when I submit to a journal because I’m a thrifty little revolutionary and we’re always hard up here behind the barricades of the Limerick Soviet when the People’s Revolutionary Commissary runs out of John Player Blue. But unfortunately we cannot offer you payment for your stuff at this time because we’re all bloody skint. But you are welcome to the proceeds of the Strike Fund when the Total Industrial Stoppage of the One Big Union comes into force.

In lieu of this you can print off this section and present it to me in a bar to claim a free pint or packet of Smokey Bacon Taytos provided your piece/polemic/art yoke gets published