The Committee

We’re gathering up the bricks to build a new society. Or at least like a half decent revolutionary pizza oven. This page is built in missives scrawled on the back of fortune cookies transported by the People’s Revolutionary union of Deliveroo Cyclists and scribbled down by these nice people:

IMG_0010-2David O’Donoghue is our founder, supervising editor and Essay section editor. He is a freelance journalist, author and political activist. His journalism has appeared in the Irish Independent, Reality Magazine,,, CulturedVultures, Headstuff, Listverse and Ultraculture. His literary fiction has appeared in Tales From the Forest, The Runt, The Singularity, Sci-Phi journal, Lovecraftiana and Flight Writing. He was shortlisted for the 2015 Hot Press Creative Writing Award, the 2016 Sunday Business Post/ Penguin Ireland Short Story Award and made the Top 6 in the 2016 Aeon Literary Award. You can catch him doing a pathetic impression of Weird Left Twitter @DavidJODonoghue


28236487_10213510120360830_76632055_n.jpgBeth O’Neill is our Fiction Editor. She is a University of Limerick graduate, with an MA in Creative Writing and a BA in New Media & English. She has previously worked as co-editor of An Focal, and as a fiction editor for The Ogham Stone. She is currently working as a Social Media & Web Editor and in her free time enjoys talking about feminism to anyone who will listen to her.



Matt Kennedy is our Poetry Editor. He is a queer activist and poet from Cork who has since beginning his Undergraduate degree in History and English involved himself in various forms of activism mainly pertaining to trans rights. While in UCC he was the LGBT rights officer, the chairperson of the LGBT society and co-wrote the gender identity and gender expression policy. He is currently studying an MA in gender studies in UCD and is using his thesis to focus on trans existence and trauma through queer performances. His medium of discussion surrounding his activism stems from his creative writing in the form of poetry and spoken word. Through his poetry he speaks openly about his own transition, his parents rejection, reproductive justice and the difficulties facing trans people and all those who grew up queer in the cis/heteronormative society created in Ireland.

biopic.jpgSuzanne Williams is our Art Editor (and essentially the only reason this thing doesn’t look like a Geocities page strung together by paint-huffing chimps -Ed.) is an illustrator and filmmaker. Since graduating from IADT in 2015, she has worked on two feature films as an animator and clean-up artist. Her degree film, Terrain, has been shown at festivals in Ireland, Canada and the USA.